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Guarantees and Warranties

All machines sold by SewingMachines.shop are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Full details of the warranties can be found below. These warranties only apply to home users, and are not valid for schools or other educational establishments.  

In the event of an issue with any machine you have purchased from SewingMachines.shop, please contact Customer Services to arrange for the return and inspection of your machine.

Janome - Product warranty

Most of our sewing machines and overlockers come with a two years parts and labour warranty. Full details are included with each product. This two years may be extended to up to 5 years. This option is available on the majority of models sold in the UK. An application form is enclosed with each product and there is also the option to purchase an extended warranty online direct from Janome. This extended warranty is covered by Janome UK Ltd and is not subcontracted out or insured. Parts & accessories do not carry the two year warranty.

See below for full details of the Janome warranty.

Brother 3 Year Warranty

The warranty is issued by
Brother Sewing Machines Europe GmbH
Im Rosengarten 11
61118 Bad Vilbel
Email: info@brothersewing.eu

Brother issues this warranty to you if you have purchased the product new from an authorised Brother vendor – SewingMachines.shop - as the first purchaser and end-user of the product.

Statutory warranty rights:
In addition to this warranty, you have statutory warranty rights vis-à-vis the vendor. This warranty does not limit these statutory warranty rights.

To which products does this warranty apply:
This warranty applies to the machine and accessories (jointly referred to in this document as "this product"), with the exception of
(1) needles, light bulbs, presser feet, bobbins, blades, tools and embroidery frames
(2) other parts that need to be regularly maintained, filled or replaced and that are subject to normal wear and tear (including, but not limited to, bobbin cases, needle plates, belts and needle threaders and brackets)
(3) consumable items
(4) products used prior to purchase, demonstration models and reconditioned products. However, the warranty does apply to products reconditioned by Brother itself.

What does Brother warrant:
Brother warrants that the machine will be free from defects in material and workmanship, save for the exceptions set out in this document. The warranty covers the repair or replacement of the machine at Brother's expense and discretion, however no consequential damages that occur outside of this product, such as materials that have become unusable or loss of profit.

When does this warranty not apply:
This warranty does not apply to:
(1) Material damage caused by external influences on this product
(2) Damage caused by incorrect installation, incorrect or inappropriate use, misuse, negligence or accident (including, but not limited to, the transport of this product without proper preparation or packaging); and
(3) Damage caused by other non-Brother devices or programmes used together with this product (including, but not limited to, the use of consumable items and accessory items).
(4) This warranty shall become INVALID if this product is altered in any way (including, but not limited to, as a result of attempted warranty repairs without Brother's authorisation or alteration or removal of the serial number).

How long is this warranty valid:
This warranty shall be valid for three years from the date of purchase.

If the machine is used for commercial purposes, this warranty shall be valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Where does this warranty apply:
This warranty applies in the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Switzerland.

What you should do if you think that an event covered by the warranty has occurred:
Inform the authorised Brother vendor (SewingMachines.shop) from whom you purchased your machine of your concerns within the warranty period, and forward or send your machine at your own expense to SewingMachines.shop along with the original invoice or receipt showing the date of purchase, product description and vendor name. If you cannot contact your authorised Brother vendor, contact Brother within the warranty period. Brother will then inform you where to send your machine and the original invoice or receipt.

What Brother will do then:
If this warranty covers the problem that has occurred with your machine, Brother will either repair or replace the machine at its own expense, at Brother's discretion. Brother will send the repaired machine or replacement machine at its own expense to the Brother vendor to whom you submitted your claim under the warranty. If Brother has informed you that another location will be taking care of your claim under the warranty, your machine will be sent to this location.